Tech at Night: Free Press finally answers Blackburn, SOPA vs OPEN, FCC Reform

Tech at Night

It seems like forever ago that Marsha Blackburn challenged Free Press to transparency in the group’s funding. Why should it take eight months to respond if Free Press has nothing to hide?


Keep the Web OPEN. It’s a simple statement, but it’s one I support. The difference between SOPA and OPEN has been made clear to many thanks to Darrell Issa’s leadership. It’s unclear with Christmas coming just when SOPA will be picked back up, but I’m hoping by then OPEN will continue to gain support as the proper alternative.

LightSquared is going on the offensive. In this four-cornered battle between that firm, Congressional Republicans, the Obama White House and FCC, and GPS manufacturers, LightSquared looks rather lonely. And yet they’re going on the offensive: denying that GPS deserves special protection in the current spectrum battle, and is now pushing the FCC to make a decision, citing claims that GPS makers were warned years ago by the FCC to be prepared for LightSquared to make terrestrial use of its spectrum.

I know I will continue to get pushback on this. I’ll be told it’s not fair for LightSquared to use its own spectrum to enhance a 4G market that desperately needs more entrants after the government finally wore AT&T/T-Mobile into giving up. I just wish Obama and the FCC would simply answer Chuck Grassley’s questions and show genuine transparency so that we could make a decision and move on. I know: Obama, transparent? It’s a long shot but I can dream.


Meanwhile, Maxine Waters wants to scare off criticism of the FCC by going after people who file comments. What First Amendment? And the worst part is she calls this FCC Ethics reform.

Speaking of AT&T/T-Mobile aftermath, Heritage reiterates that the administration got it wrong, but what’s coming out now is that I was right all along on one key point. Yes, T-Mobile USA is a victim here. AT&T will pay them a few billion (with a b) dollars as compensation for not getting the deal done. But they still have no 4G, no iPhone, failing market share, and no Plan B.

Make sure to thank Barack Obama, Julius Genachowski, Eric Holder, and George Soros for doing Sprint a favor by reducing competition, keeping 4G prices that much higher.

If you’re wondering where my weekly Daily Caller link is, well, I never quite got it to gel, and they could tell, so it never ran. I’m still learning how to get into a proper groove submitting to them. I’m sure a whole one or two of you are disappointed at getting slightly less of my amateur ramblings this week.


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