Tech at Night: Carrier IQ a non-issue, Spectrum, ARRA failure, SOPA fight continues

Tech at Night

It’s Monday night, so naturally we start now with my weekly appearance at the Daily Caller. This week I finally got around to reading up on the Carrier IQ scare, and decided it was just a scare. Smoke, but no fire. Keep calm and carry on, people.


How about some spectrum? Jerry Brito takes on the thorny issue of civil defense/first responder spectrum and the D Block, while Ernest Istook points out spectrum sales are only a short run budget fix. Regardless of budget concerns, though, we need more spectrum dedicated to mass market Internet. Competition, jobs, innovation.

Oh and it turns out the ARRA was terrible at job creation. Big surprise, huh?

The SOPA battle continues with a strike back from the forces in favor of SOPA, the selective Internet kill switch bill that favors “intellectual property” (not that a bad sitcom or a handbag design are all that intellectual) ahead of all other industries in America. Well, just the ones that import, export, or otherwise operate online. Which is most of them.

And that’s all for tonight. It was observed to me today that there really wasn’t a lot going on today. I guess I agree.


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