Tech at Night: AT&T regroups against a coordinated attack; SOPA and FCC scrutiny continue

Tech at Night

What do AT&T, LightSquared, and the late Super Committee have in common? Spectrum.

AT&T is the big story right now, too. They know the fix is in, with Sprint, Eric Holder, and FCC all ganging up on them as a team effort. The Obama administration is all but running guns to Sprint in this effort. So, the firm is trying to slip the noose by withdrawing its FCC application and warning the FCC that they will get sued if the application is not allowed to be withdrawn.


The only reason not to let AT&T pull back until the DoJ effort is settled is to rig the system, which is why the radicals want FCC to pick that particular fight.

AT&T is also proposing bolder sell offs of T-Mobile assets in order to make this work. The firm has repeatedly shown itself willing to negotiate, even as Barack Obama and his subordinates have stonewalled. Tech Liberation Front calls it ‘magical thinking’ that the FCC has been doing lately.

How about some SOPA? I usually expect the Wall Street Journal to come out in favor of big business, but they realize that SOPA is a matter of picking one industry over another. I found about that piece by the way because Darrell Issa came on strong this morning against SOPA, hammering the bill on Twitter.

Beware government security efforts, including ones that are meant sound well meaning, as governments have been known to work with those on the other side of the fence. Does breaking into systems count as ‘white hat’ just because you’re working with government sometimes? I’m not so sure. Regardless, we have to be careful about whether favorites are being played.


Protip for idiots like Chuck Schumer: If you don’t want your location tracked, don’t broadcast it.

Speaking of FCC magical thinking, Republicans continue to fight for much needed FCC process reform. Ah, oversight. It’s a pain. It’s meant to be a pain.

Anonymous online terrorism continues. The criminals of Anonymous always seem to pick on cops, notice that? Drug lords are off limits, but cops are fair game.



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