Tech at Night: More SOPA, FCC Reform, FCC hypocrisy over AT&T, Spectrum

Tech at Night

Let’s be thankful the Internet isn’t yet censored by a bill like SOPA, as it is Thanksgiving on the east coast as I write this. How many unions must back this bill and its Senate counterpart, PROTECT IP, before Republicans wise up and kill it?


Remember, once you give the government censorship power, uses will be found for it. For the children!

It’s just another reason I’m glad we’re reforming the FCC: pulling back its merger review capability that overlaps the FTC along with process reform besides.

Sad news: More negativity is cropping up about AT&T/T-Mobile. Note the hypocrisy from FCC, though. They claim that Connect America Fund will create jobs, but are plugging fingers in ears and denying AT&T will do the same with T-Mobile’s spectrum, a point excellently made at Media Freedom.

Should the combined forces of Sprint Nextel, Eric Holder, Julius Genachowski, and Barack Obama prevail, hopefully Republican spectrum reform will help.

And to close, you know how I feel about The Cloud™ being overblown as a solution to problems, and inf act a problem in itself if you’re not careful, so I’m glad CAGW is watching carefully the government’s efforts in that direction.


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