Tech at Night: No on SOPA, the selective Internet Kill Switch, Greg Walden and Adam Kinzinger take on the FCC

Tech at Night

Welcome to Tech at Night, the series the radical left says is shaping the debate. I sure hope I am. After losing on Net Neutrality and on the America Invents Act, I’d like to get a win.


The next chance for a win is in the House, which is debating SOPA, the bill that would create a national censorship blacklist online. Helping to lead the fight against SOPA is actually Google, who joins with other firms to oppose the bill. I know. Whodathunkit? But they’re right on this one, which is why we’re seeing weird things like Darrell Issa stick up for Google as the firm becomes a scapegoat for foreign infringers.

Tumblr has joined the fight, encouraging you to contact your member of Congress while the site draws attention to the issue.

It sure is nice to see the digital libertarians outraged over this issue. I think it’s funny they weren’t so outraged about Washington ignorance when the Net Neutrality debate came up, but I guess I’ll take what I can get on this issue.

Ultimately, the reason we need to defeat SOPA is that we don’t want to feed into the lefty Media Reform crowd’s goal to control the Internet. Remember the Internet Kill Switch idea? SOPA is a *selective* kill switch. No. No. No.

I mean, seriously. Someone explain to me why we’re even having SOPA hearings even as Greg Walden, Adam Kinzinger, and a saner committee are fighting regulation by pushing comprehensive FCC reform.


Meanwhile, the Authors Guild proves just why we should oppose copyright holders on SOPA by demonstrating their anti-customer, anti-innovation stance against Amazon. Jay Rockefeller proves why we should oppose new regulation by again proving Obama-era regulation is merely a punitive tool against the successful, in this case the FTC against Facebook.

Here’s a not-safe-for-work link that’s pretty important for people to see. Behold the Party Van, a hub of Anonymous/Anarchist/Communist Internet hacking and attacking online. Regulation won’t stop people like this. New laws won’t protect people from this kind of cybersecurity threat and online terrorism. Law enforcement will. Quit passing new laws and just put the bad guys in jail the way we used to for crime.


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