Tech at Night: Anonymous losing, CA Amazon Tax repeal leading, Anti-AT&T folk lying

Tech at Night

Anonymous is starting to lose more than it wins. As I already mentioned on Wednesday, the FBI is racking up names to arrest, and moving on them. Anonymous responded by claiming to have broken into NATO systems. The world responded by trashing Anonymous’s AnonPlus website. Of course, when they’re in jail, that won’t matter much, but it’s fun to see.


Good news: Early polling suggests a slight lead for the referendum to repeal the California Amazon/Internet Sales Tax.

Why do I oppose the PROTECT IP copyright bill? I don’t want Indian-style censorship any more than I want the Chinese kind.

The far left continues to try to use big government to dictate against the AT&T/T-Mobile deal, even though as I’ve pointed out previously and as Ryan Young pointed out at Daily Caller, Sprint’s actions don’t match its words. The deal will increase competition, and it should pass unmolested by government, for the greater good.

The far left continues to fight competition though, instead hoping to impose some greater form of state control over the industry. Because they’re lying about the “jobs” angle.

Tip: “The Cloud” is not a backup, and if you don’t own the domain, then you do not own your email address. Protect yourself out there, folks. Just because “everyone” is using a certain service, that doesn’t mean that service is safe. Not Gmail, not Paypal, nothing. Be careful. Don’t overcommit.


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