Tech at Night: Anonymous picks on the troops, HTC loses ruling against Apple

Tech at Night

Short Tech at Night tonight, and boy do I need it. Unsurprisingly, when you’re running a massive calorie deficit to lose weight, exercise gets harder!

I’m going to put two stories out here. If people are inspired to a course of vigilante action, well, then that’s not my fault. Anonymous’s Antisec is picking on the troops. Anonymous is launching a Google+ competitor for its members and fellow travelers. Hey, if they want to put that data out there, and people find use to make of it, then them’s the breaks.


Meanwhile, remember when they mocked me, and mocked all of us really, for saying Net Neutrality put us at the top of a slippery slope? Well, between the FTC’s push on Google and new calls for “Social Network Neutrality”, I’d say my position is entirely vindicated. One power grab encourages another.

Mary Bono Mack continues to to talk about phone issues, having started around when that phony Apple location tracking scare went around the Internet. Again, I express my hope that no legislation comes of this.

Of course, even the worst Republican initiative is better than what the Democrats typically have to offer. Just look at Jay Inslee who wants to dictate to the market, meddling in AT&T and T-Mobile’s affairs because of short-run job fears. Nothing like blaming the private sector for the problems Barack Obama’s failed policies are causing.

While Apple’s lawsuit against Samsung has gotten more attention in Tech at Night, Apple’s patent case against HTC is moving more quickly, as apple has won a preliminary ruling, which could lead to HTC phone imports being banned from the US. HTC will appeal, of course. It wouldn’t surprise me if HTC got some help, too, given that a win against one Android-using firm could snowball into royalties from every Android phone and tablet.



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