Tech at Night: SAFE Data act fiddles while online crime burns, Illegal CA Amazon Tax goes to the Governor

Tech at Night

Even as Mary Bono Mack and Republicans fiddle with the pointless SAFE Data act that won’t actually do anything to prevent or even to deter online crime, the Internet burns with a string of further attacks. The Senate was hit twice, and the CIA was hit as well.


I thought we were the party that likes to solve crime by putting the criminals in jail? Why don’t we drop this reporting theater and get back to catching criminals blackmailing the US government and private enterprise?

Seriously? We want to jail kids who upload music to YouTube, and create a Communist China-style Internet censorship blacklist, but we’re blaming the victims of online attacks?

Firms already have incentive to give out warnings and to protect their long-term reputations. Are they going to have to pick up the law enforcement slack the government has left behind, too?

Yes, the AT&T/T-Mobile deal must go forward without government intrusion. Major media outlets are starting to see things I’ve been saying a while, about the effect the deal will have on competition. After all, the mergers already done have left our wireless the best in the world. Key is just how much more competitive our market is. Average revenue per minute in the US is around 70% lower than the rest of the OECD. As a result, Americans use 824 minutes a month. The next closest competitor is Canada at 373.


No wonder the UN wants Internet access as a human right. In other countries the market just isn’t competitive, thanks to massive government regulation, and nobody can afford it!

Meanwhile, in California, the Democrats are breaking the law by passing new taxes and tax increases by majority vote, including the Amazon Tax job killer. I’m tired of this state.

The case continues to grow that Net Neutrality was passed by a biased FCC predisposed to regulate and grab power on line, taking marching orders from the radical neomarxist group Free Press, turning all its hearings and public feedback into a sham process.


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