Tech at Night: Tomorrow, Tomorrow

Tech at Night

Tomorrow, tomorrow, the FCC is meeting tomorrow, December 21. The key item on the agenda is Net Neutrality. So of course, The FCC couldn’t keep its website up. And they want to regulate the entire Internet?


What’s at stake? Socialist plans to remake all the mass media in America in the style of Hugo Chavez. Al Franken’s bulling tactics succeeding. And overall, an unprecedented power grab online.

Speaking of power grabs, Al Sharpton is pushing one in which Republican and conservative commentators will be dragged to the FCC for show trials. Amazing.

I wish I could say I’m skeptical the Obama FCC would listen to Sharpton. I wish I could. But given the runaway FCC’s proven track record of ignoring the Telecommunications Act and ignoring the courts, I won’t put anything past this FCC.


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