Tech at Night: ADA on the Internet, Net Neutrality

Tech at Night

Good evening. I don’t know how I managed to do a Tech at Night on Friday night. Just barely I guess. Because I’ve been sick from Friday night on, though I was mostly alright today. And so we’re back in business.


And we’ll start with a note on more Internet control that the Barack Obama administration is mulling. Yes, again, the content of webpages is to be controlled under the Obama Presidency through DOJ bullying via the ADA. The fact is, if businesses are forced to make expensive changes to their websites, they may instead be forced to go out of business, killing jobs, driving innovation overseas, and creating a chilling effect across our economy.

This must not stand.

Of course the other attack on the Internet is still underway, Net Neutrality. Which is why our friend Seton Motley went on Russia Today to discuss Net Neutrality and made the case against it in a clear, articulate, and convincing way.

Further, over on CNBC Jack Welch makes the case against Net Neutrality as well:

The FCC… Regulating the Internet. The Internet has been the source of so many jobs and creativity and innovation, why do we want to regulate the hell out of the Internet? Let it go. … The Congress, where it is now, can now stand up and make a hell of a lot of noise in three key areas: FCC, NLRB and EPA. … Issa can call hearings… They can do all kinds of stuff.


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