Babs Boxer: Desperate enough to encourage lawbreaking

That’s where we are now in the California Senate race. Babs Boxer’s campaign made an organized, coordinated effort to reach out to schools, supplying teachers with information to disseminate out to students telling them how to volunteer for the Boxer campaign. That is not in dispute. Boxer’s campaign has admitted to it and apologized for it.


Of course, what they’re really sorry about is getting caught, and about Boxer having her toughest campaign of her entire career. That’s 28 miserably ineffective years in DC if you recall, voting the party line for the most radical elements of the leftist agenda. She’s so divisive she even started a fight about Ohio’s electoral votes in 2004.

This is one of the more competitive Senate races in the country, and it’s part of the key battleground of five marginal seats held by Democrats that we could pick up, along with Nevada, West Virginia, Illinois, and Washington. Consider helping Carly Fiorina’s moneybomb today to keep her on the air and keep her shifting the polls our way.



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