California Senate Update

Carly Fiorina

It’s getting remarkably rough for the Democrats out here in California. Long, long time Assembly Speaker (and then after 1994 booted him out, San Francisco Mayor) Democrat Willie Brown has no confidence in any of the top Democrats, saying they have no ground operation at all. He applied that to Jerry Brown (Governor), Gavin Newsom (Lt. Governor), and Babs Boxer (Senate).


The Chamber of Commerce is also pounding on the Democrats, pointing out that No Ma’am Boxer bounced 143 checks in the House Bank scandal. No integrity. No honesty. She’s a thief.

Just one more reason we need to beat her and elect Carly Fiorina to the Senate.

The Taxpayer Network is on the air against Boxer, and Carly’s got her fourth ad up, too:


The ongoing ad campaign has tightened the race. I have the race rated 55/45, nearly a coin flip. An apparent Internal poll has the race tied even at 44.

With all of this, it’s no wonder that Carly has raised $1.4 million in the first 13 days of October. She can use more, too, because TV ads in California are awfully expensive, and they are critical in Carly’s turning this race around and getting herself in position to win. I’m in for $25.


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