The air war continues in California

Carly Fiorina is still fighting hard against No Ma’am Boxer, and it’s good to see. I like this one, it’s short and it’s simple. It takes extra work to cut your typical online ad down to a 30 second (minus BCRA requirement) slam, and done well it matters:



She also has a second ad up that is going to make some readers here cringe I suspect, but that’s because in order to win she does have to make some sort of outreach to Democrats and especially to moderate and center-left independents in order to get the plurality of the vote:


But of course, you can take it any way you like when she says she’ll oppose the GOP when it’s wrong. How long did we let earmarks run fast and free? We were wrong then, as earmarks are the gateway drug to corruption. Just ask Duke Cunningham.

Candidates like Carly Fiorina, Sharron Angle, and Dino Rossi are out here in the west fighting lousy incumbents. We can get them over the top, and must if we want 51 votes in the Senate, and then tell Barack Obama who won.


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