Tech at Night: Devastating poll against Net Neutrality, FCC, DISCLOSE, Free Press

Tech at Night

Good evening. Welcome to the special, totally planned, and not at all a fallback because I wore out after a week of catching up after the RS Gathering, Saturday edition of Tech at Night. I did want to make sure we all read about this poll by Hart Research Associates which shows over 75% of likely voters (MoE should be about 3.4 for a sample of 800) saying that the Internet works.


Further, support for regulating the Internet is trailing badly at 51 against to 37 for, which means per my handy analysis tool I wrote myself for Unlikely Voter, there’s only a 1% chance per this poll that likely voters actually favor regulating the Internet. This poll is a clear and convincing rejection of the entire FCC/Free Press agenda.

With polling like that coming out, it’s no wonder that Daily Caller cals this FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski’s “summer in hell”. He’s under pressure from all sides, except for the White House which has been pretty dang silent on this issue, though he did say something… in front of the UN, vaguely referencing freedom without any specific support for regulation or the “third way” deem and pass Title II Reclassification Genachowski and Free Press want.

This is good because The Internet is in danger from government rules, says Media Freedom. I do enjoy how Media Freedom is so reminiscent of Free Press, but has the opposite message. Free Press advocates state dictatorial control over the media, while Media Freedom promotes… well, freedom.


And to close tonight, have some good news: DISCLOSE Act, a bill regulating political speech online, has failed in the Senate, thanks to a unified Republican caucus. All Republicans who were present voted No on cloture, including Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe of Maine. Further, the absent Senator (Leeza Kapowski, er, Lisa Murkowski, no that’s not it, Karen Moorkovski, um, whatever her name is) was as good as a No on cloture. Had cloture succeeded, the Democrats had the votes for passage. Well done, Senate Republicans.


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