Tech at Night: Net Neutrality, Google, Verizon, Glenn Beck, Free Press, IETF, Mississippi, Greenland

Tech at Night

Happy Friday! In case you’re not a regular follower of the Net Neutrality issue, over at Frum Forum Jon Henke outlines the state of the debate. The Frum title sounds like advocacy, but Henke doesn’t promote the Google-Verizon Net Neutrality proposal here. It’s worth a read if you’re catching up.


And for more basic catch up material, here’s Glenn Beck on the progressive agenda to get true state-run mass media in America. I know it’s become popular to call the lefty press “state-run,” but I don’t think that’s harsh enough. MSNBC and friends don’t get tingly and enthusiastic for Obama because a Rhodesia-like knife hangs over their necks. They do it because they want to. Free Press and friends would force the issue.

And yes, Free Press can’t tell the truth, because to do so would expose how unpopular their radical agenda actually is. So Free Press is lying about the IETF now, and is calling them out for it. the radicals have to misrepresent even Internet standards now in order to make their case for greater state run control of mass media. They’re desperate enough to do that because they’re losing allies all the time now, from the left and the right.

New research suggests that alarmist claims about Greenland icecap melting have been exaggerated. By how much? By 50%. But The Science Is Settled™, eh?


One last point tonight, a nice use of technology by government for a change. Mississippi prisons are working with wireless phone companies to block all calls to and from any phone in a prison that has not been approved by prison staff. Over 200,000 illicit calls have now been blocked, they say. I hope this success can be repeated nationwide.

Enjoy the weekend. We don’t get the benefit of a short week next week, plus we’ve got the Red State gathering next weekend, so I know I’m getting all the rest I can get right now.


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