Tech at Night: John Kerry, Net Neutrality, For the Children!, Hank Johnson

Tech at Night Kerry

Yesterday at the Daily Caller we found out why John Kerry was such a flip-flopper during his Presidential run. The reason is that he just can’t help it. He even flips around when he’s not running for anything. In 1998 he wrote a letter to the FCC explaining that the Telecommunications Act 1996 forbids the FCC to do the very same deem and pass Title II Reclassification that the FCC is talking about now… a move that John Kerry now supports.


So all that time we thought he was flip-flopping to become President we were wrong. He does even when nobody’s looking! If character is what you are in the dark, then we now know all about John Kerry’s character right now.

Here comes another big push for online regulation: If your website is related to the “issue of normative culture,” (pause while I wash my hands after typing that), then you get to be specially targeted by the state regardless of any laws or limitations that currently exist. Sure, now it’s For The Children™, but it always starts there. That’s where the “deadbeat dad database” started before it got expanded, you know.

Oh and Comcast and NBC Universal merging will make Guam capsize or something, says Hank Johnson.


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