Tech at Night: Net Neutrality DOOM

Tech at Night

Good evening. I’ve been hung up today and unfortunately could not do my usually full range of reading for tonight, but I have a few Net Neutrality points to make tonight, so here we go.


First, AT&T has apparently come out against the Verizon-Google Net Neutrality proposal, writing to the FCC in favor of paid prioritization of Internet traffic. So much for this proposal being a huge benefit for big, wireless-heavy firms, eh?

Of course, there’s some political scheming already going on with Net Neutrality, too, beyond the corporate posturing going on.

Carly Fiorina, whom I’m told mopped the floor with Babs Boxer in a debate tonight, has come out against FCC/Free Press Net Neutrality. She got it in one in this quote via

“The principle sounds fantastic, but the principle is not the problem,” Fiorina said in an interview at the Technology Policy Institute’s conference in Aspen, Colo. “The problem is how companies and regulatory bodies are trying to translate that principle into policy, which would have a bad effect.”

Meanhile Boxer is too afraid to comment, calling it ‘premature’ to do so. The whole FCC is running scared, now having delayed further action until after the election, which has all the socialist groups like Free Press furious. They know the longer it takes, the stronger the opposition will get, and most importantly, Republican gains in November will hurt their cause even further (not that all House Democrats back them anyway, far from it).


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