Tech at Night: Free Press, MoveOn, Google, TEA Party, NOAA

Tech at Night

So Free Press and decided to protest Google’s new stance with Verizon on Net Neutrality. They went to Mountain View and everything, but there’s just one catch: they only managed to bring 100 people.


Free Press at Mountain View

(Photo via @mjterave.) Just more evidence that Free Press and MoveOn are the ones taking the radical fringe position on Net Neutrality.

Meanwhile, The Hill says that TEA Party groups are activating against Free Press’s Net Neutrality. The more help we get against a massive Internet power grab, the better, I say.

And we end tonight with a slight deviation from my usual norm: the NOAA has been caught publishing odd data to promote the theory of man-made climate change. Specifically, the data behind claims that the climate is heating is backed by some very strange claims, such as a Lake Michigan with average temperatures in the 200s. Yes, the lake would literally boil away if that were true.

There’s no excuse for this. Even with a large data set, computerized sanity checks and bounds checks need to be performed. Either they weren’t out of laziness or incompetence, and the whole peer review system is the joke we’ve always said it was in an industry geared around promoting one theory to the exclusion of all others (because “the science is settled”), or the review happened and nobody cared about the fraudulent data.


Either way, thinking people have to question the validity of all the global warming science, thanks to this ongoing trend of scientific fraud and/or gross error in the field.


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