Tech at Night: FCC, Google, Texas

Tech at Night

Tonight I will be brief. My wrist is begging I not type another word tonight, but I have a queue of things I don’t want to leave until Monday. So I will share them, but with less commentary than usual. Apologies from my wrist.


Per Hillicon Valley two states have taken a stand on FCC Deem and Pass “Third way” reclassification of ISPs. Texas has come out against regulating the Internet this way, but Ohio has come out in favor. Ohio readers: You know what to do. AG Richard Cordray needs to pay for this pro-Internet regulation stance, doesn’t he?

Even as Google pulls out all the stops to promote Internet regulation, they’re whining like hypocritical little babies to keep themselves exempt from any form of regulation. Too bad. Too bad, I say. If ISPs have to be transparent and neutral, and route Internet packets according to what FCC Commissars say is best, then you have to do searches in a transparent and neutral way, and return results according to what FCC Commissars say is best. You chose to ride on the scorpion, and it’s going to sting you because that’s its nature.

Don’t like it, Google? Then switch sides on Net Neutrality. Because I’m going to laugh in your faces if your backing of Net Neutrality backfires, and so will all of us who are watching you collaborate with the big government Democrats in Washington. Yes, my wrist is aching and making me get more strident than I might, but too bad. If your core business is attacked by the FCC using the Title II powers you are promoting, then your suffering is just.


Oh, and a special scowl to the FCC today. Apparently our technical Commissars are unhappy that people in the real world are opposing their propaganda and responding to it. In any case, it’s nice that you guys have outed yourselves not as neutral regulators for the common good, but you are placing yourselves in direct opposition to the industries you are entrusted to regulate. You are looters, plain and simple, and you are exposed to shame for your implied threats against honest businessmen if they don’t “work with you” according to your dictatorial terms.

It’s the time FCC got neutered by the Congress, because these ideological goons are completely out of control.

Again, apologies for the way my wrist is making me brief and irritable, but I hope this is still useful. Good night.


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