California results


With 17% reporting:

Yes, friends, we can rejoice that Orly Taitz, exalted birtherlord, is being rejected tonight, losing in the Secretary of State primary 75-25 to Damon Dunn.


Meg Whitman runs away in the Governor’s race 65-26.

Schwarzeneggerite Abel Maldonaldo gets the drop on conservative favorite Sam Aanestad 46-28 for LtGov.

Boxer crushes Kaus 78-6. Fiorina completes her surge to be up with 57 over Campbell’s 22 and DeVore’s 18.

Cap and Tax backer Mary Bono Mack beats Tea Party upstart Clay Thibodeau 74-26 in district 45.

Prop. 14, LouisianaWashington-style jungle primary, leads 60-40. It’s not like Louisiana because there is no provision for a first round win. If that holds up, third parties are dead in this state.

Prop. 15, Presidential-style public financing of elections, is losing 42-58.


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