The latest FCC lie

Having laid the groundwork for price controls and content censorship on the Internet in America, the FCC desperately needs to justify their reasoning for the Title II deem-and-pass reclassification of ISPs.


So, they’re just going to start lying about stuff. The latest lie apparently is that the wireless market isn’t competitive. Here’s why that’s a lie. Wireless market leader Verizon only has 31% of the market. AT&T/Cingular is at 25%. Sprint and T-Mobile are tied at 12.1% each. Add it all up and there’s a whole 19.8% not even covered by the national market leaders.

Consider this: one fifth of the market is completely unconsolidated and running wild in the weeds of the small companies nobody’s ever heard of. To me that’s the mark of free and open competition, especially when the number porting rules already make it very, very easy to switch from one provider to another.

The wireless market is wide open. The last thing we need is the boot of the FCC to come down on its neck.


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