I told you so

This is going to be short and sweet. Very sweet.

Remember when I said this?

As if it wasn’t bad enough that Google is trying to ram through Net Neutrality, to give government control over every Internet-connected computer network in the country (which is almost all of them, these days). But now Google is scanning your home networks directly.


I was assured that I was being “paranoid,” that nothing actually private was being recorded, and that Google could be trusted to be reasonable on this.

Oops, I told you so.

Yeah, the source for the new claim that Google was actually snooping data and not just MACs? Yup, Google. The same company whose leader laughed at us for questioning the threat his company’s database-gathering ways pose to our privacy.

They now claim that they “typically” gathered only “fragments” of data, but we know what that means when they have to qualify that. They don’t know for sure just how much confidential information their snoopers have gathered and correlated with your home address.

Once again, Google is proven to be untrustworthy. They’re just unreliable. When I then think about how many conservatives are using GMail? I wish I hadn’t thought about it.


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