George Soros Funds Free Press Thuggery (And Other Good News) [Updated]

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That’s a pretty good way to describe recent actions from George Soros-paid front groups like Free Press and their band of modern day Bolsheviks.


The Obama Administration’s effort to expand federal “neutrality” regulation over the Internet really illustrates, and drives the wedge into, the growing rift in the Democratic Party. Earlier this month, the FCC voted 3-2 (All Democratic appointees voting “yes”) on a proposal that would for the first time have the federal government regulate the Internet. Republicans opposed the proposal and plenty of thoughtful (or worried) Democrats do, too.

Democrats are critical of Republican opponents, of course, but what’s fascinating (at least in the way slow-motion car crashes are fascinating) are the increasingly brutal attacks Soros-sponsored front groups are making against other Democrats.

  • Take the Communications Workers of America. With 700,000 members and a track record of intense support for Democrats, you might think they would be spared the wrath from Soros’ henchmen. Nope. CWA’s apostasy was to raise a concern that their members’ jobs might be at risk from net neutrality regulations. For that, Free Press evidently dispatched Art Brodsky at Soros-funded Public Knowledge to accuse the union leadership of being “ever-turncoat.”
  • Meanwhile, two-dozen civil rights groups (including NAACP, LULAC and other well-established Democratic supporters) raised concerns about Net neutrality slowing down broadband deployment in poor neighborhoods. That unleashed the fury of Free Press who dispatched James Rucker, another Free Press acolyte who called the groups a sell-out to the cause of equality.
  • In March, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State and US Coordinator for International Communications and Information Policy Philip Verveer pointed out that US government control of the Internet would make it very difficult for diplomats to tell other countries (like China and Iran?) that they should not try to control the Internet. Net neutrality regulations, he said, “could be employed as a pretext or as an excuse for undertaking public policy activities that we would disagree with pretty profoundly.” In response to those comments by an Obama appointee, Democrats thought carefully about what they were doing. No, I’m kidding. Actually, Harold Feld at Public Knowledge penned a venomous piece on in which he attacked Verveer for being too stupid to understand that he was parroting “Republican attack bullets.”

The list of these public knifings by Free Press and their fellow travelers against anyone who crosses them could go on and on. They’re not making friends. They’re hunting heretics.

This is great.

As the late Lee Atwater used to counsel, when your enemy is committing suicide, don’t interfere. More than most political issues, Net neutrality is exposing the rifts in the Obama coalition. Union members and minority groups evidently don’t take kindly to the Chablis-and-Volvo revolutionaries telling them to move to the back of Obama’s bus.

Their elitist thuggery is getting more vicious with every passing week – only it’s not against Republicans, it’s against their fellow Democrats.

Free Press’ desire to “remove brick by brick the entire capitalist system itself” seems anachronistic and silly, but their single-minded, militaristic focus on media revolution and contemptuous disregard for the opinions of fellow liberals and Democrats who might disagree is downright dangerous… to Democrats.

Conservatives should count our blessings in this ensuing bloodbath. Free Press is doing our work for us – destroying any remaining semblance of cohesion in the Democrat coalition. Their internecine napalm smells like…. victory!

A funny final thought: On Soros’ website, his foundation touts its commitment to creating more “vibrant and tolerant” communities. Maybe that happens after the revolution.


* Credit to Wondermark for the subtitle. Love that line.


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