Think Progress has a nasty case of projection

Apologies for the pop psych buzzword, but that’s what comes to mind when I see the well-funded Think Progress accusing some MBA student activists of being a corporate conspiracy.


Sorry guys, but the No Net Brutality movement is just a group of six students who spent about $175 making their own website. Quoth CNet:

“The Think Progress article is hilarious,” David MacLean, the Canadian member of the six-person student team from four different continents, told CNET on Wednesday. “We’ve had a really good laugh in the last day over this. This is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.”

MacLean added: “It was a class project done at the Atlas think tank MBA program. We came up with the concept in a few days.” Part of Atlas’ curriculum on how to manage think tanks required creating the campaign on a $100 budget and “the goal was to make it launch,” said MacLean, who lives in Alberta.

Now I know there are no lefty grassroots movements (witness the failure of the Coffee Party idea), but rather everything that happens comes from Foundation and Soros money, but you guys shouldn’t assume that of us. Thanks though for revealing yourselves in your baseless accusations.


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