Americans for Prosperity comes out swinging on Net Neutrality

Americans for Prosperity, one of the Beltway area groups that really “gets it,” has come out hard against Net Neutrality and Title II classification of ISPs. They’re actually running television ads on the matter.


What’s most interesting to me though is that their ad has three different versions. There’s the generic one above, but their YouTube Channel also shows up with two specialized ones: one for Hawaii and one for Pennsylvania. What do those states have in common? The one thing that springs to my mind is the pair of special House elections featuring Charles Djou in Hawaii and Tim Burns in Pennsylvania.

I’m glad of it. Voters need to be reminded that the choices we make in our elections are about more than just “partisan bickering,” and that Republicans and Democrats are not just the same. It matters who wins because elections have consequences. While people heed AfP’s suggestion to contact their Senators maybe they’ll contact their House candidates and make it clear: Hands off the Internet or no votes for you.

Important elections, important issues. I hope these AfP videos spread far and wide.


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