Carly Fiorina rakes in the pro-life endorsements

First Susan B. Anthony’s list endorsed Carly Fiorina in the Republican Senate primary here in California, and now via Flash Report we find that the California Pro-Life Council, the California affiliate of National Right to Life, has joined in endorsing Fiorina.


This comes after she snagged Tom Coburn’s support. Clearly, behind closed doors she’s convincing people.

At this point I’d love to be able to point you to where on Fiorina’s site she talks about her heartfelt pro-life views, but life isn’t one of her “core issues”, so I am entirely at a loss as to what the basis of this endorsement is. My estimate is that she’s trying to prevent abortion from being an issue in the general election, should she win the primary. But what ever she’s saying privately, it’s clearly convincing people, people who make it their business to focus on the cause of life. Said the CPLC:

Fiorina has since met with National Right to Life Committee leadership, and committed to very specific issues of pro-life public policy. Board members of California ProLife also met with her and all have been impressed by her genuine and heartfelt commitment to the cause of Life.

This is a statement written by someone who’s been through the wars on life. The author of this knows that it’s not enough for a person to be personally pro-life, but that person must also be ready to vote pro-life on “very specific issues” in the Senate. It takes both halves for a person to be an effective fighter for life in Washington. That’s the difference between John Kerry and George Bush, after all.


And the CPLC is assuring us that she’s on the right side of that. It’s one thing for SBA to endorse her, since they only endorse women, making themselves a direct counter to the vile group that is EMILY’s list. But CPLC didn’t have to. I have to respect that.

I look back to earlier in this Senate race, and now I laugh. I was being assured by Fiorina supporters that she was a social “moderate.” Back then I had my suspicions that people were confusing Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina. Now I think we have proof.

I’m left to conclude that Tom Campbell is the sole representative of the Party of Death in this primary. He must be stopped. Like Mike Huckabee and Jim DeMint, I’m backing Chuck DeVore as a conservative alternative to Campbell, but for those committed to life, we need to see either Fiorina or DeVore come out on top next month.


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