California Republican Assembly endorses Chuck DeVore

The California Republican Assembly, a 75 year old conservative group in this state, endorsed Chuck DeVore for Senate today with over 75% support on the first ballot.


“CRA must keep working and producing solid conservative candidates for office at all levels of government, and I hope that my fellow Californians will join the CRA team and get involved with a local chapter.” Ronald Reagan said that of the CRA years ago, and today the group proved itself to live up to those words still. The doubters question DeVore, even after his convincing debate victory, saying he has no name recognition, he has no fundraising, and he can’t win. The CRA stood up today and pushed back. Conservative activists know who he is, stand ready to give, and can be the backbone of a DeVore victory.


We, the Republican grass roots of California, have an opportunity in this primary election to push back. We can push back against the NRSC who came in from DC to try to dictate our candidate to us. We can push back against Governor Schwarzenegger, who works tirelessly to reshape our party in his own image. We can also push back against Babs Boxer and the Democrat-Union-Press axis in this state by installing a candidate who will use any tactic he has to in order to challenge her, surprise her, and wear her down in the general election.


It’s easy to see why any conservative can back Chuck DeVore. He received a 100% rating from the CRA in the 2009 session of the California Assembly. He’s the one candidate in this race with a proven track record of fighting taxes, slashing at spending, and standing up to the expansion of government.

I hope conservatives will give to Chuck DeVore at his stylish new website, help spread the word about him, and see this through to June in the primary, and to November in the general election. Some say say Babs Boxer is unbeatable. They also said that of Marcia Martha Coakley. Let’s do this.


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