American Majority Racing and NASCAR

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On Thursday, American Majority launched an unprecedented program to engage NASCAR fans this year and promote fiscally conservative values on Fox News.  American Majority Racing is a year-long project in conjunction with MacDonald Motorsports, challenging millions of race fans to “Pledge to Vote to Keep America Free.” Car #81, driven by rising NASCAR star Jason Bowles, is going to be on the track for the entire Nationwide series in 2012.  The effort will also be off the track, activating and educating fans through a state-of-the-art booth on vendor’s row and special outreach at the campgrounds surrounding the races.  If fans aren’t registered to vote, we’ll be doing that as well.  There will be race car simulators, contests, a show car and American Majority Racing “swag” at the booth – all of which will be messaged encourage increased participation by fans.   NASCAR fans are the American majority and as such, should have a louder, stronger voice in the direction this nation takes.


People have asked why “Keep America Free.” As my friends over at The Frontier Lab pointed out, if you were to compress our Founders’ lives, actions and writings into three words they would be this: keep America free. It’s a very simple message, but one that we know will resonate with NASCAR fans. They believe that America needs to be protected from the triple threat of big government, massive debt and over taxation.

Of course, the fact that a conservative organization is sponsoring a NASCAR car has gotten some attention. Beyond Fox News, Politico, major newspapers and NBC Sports reporting on the story, Reuters has reported on this unique approach to driving conservative values around the world.  Even news platforms in India have run with the story.

American Majority Racing is a massive undertaking – but it can have a massive impact on our drive to put Americans back in the driver’s seat – and back to work.  We look at it this way: if it succeeds this year in engaging more NASCAR fans in the process, it can be a catalyst far beyond this election.  American Majority, its methods and grassroots approach can be the portal into politics for NASCAR fans.  Imagine if even 5% of fans who weren’t involved in the process got involved or took their activism to the next level? The implications will be profound.

If you’re interested in following American Majority Racing’s Pledge to Vote-Keep America Free car, you can go to, or become a fan on Facebook or follow us on Twitter at @MajorityRacing. If you’re a NASCAR fan, you can even try and win some free tickets on the American Majority Racing page or on



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