What You Should Be Doing on September 17th: American Majority's Training Bomb

On September 17th, Constitution Day, American Majority will be conducting the first ever Training Bomb. In 14 cities across the country (with more coming online in the next week), from New York City, to Dallas, to Fayetteville, NC (in conjunction with Heritage Action for America), to Hartland, VT (with RedState’s Aaron Gardner) to Nashville, TN, we will be training on how to win politically: politics is policy, and if we want to see the right policy implemented, we’re going to have to first win the political battle.


The Training Bomb is not a rally and it’s not a summit; the time for rallying, protesting and venting is past. We as a movement can be hamsters on a wheel, giving an appearance of activity without actually going anywhere. Or we can be architects, with purposeful action as we systematically build a effective grassroots movement from the ground up. American Majority’s Training Bomb is a massive effort to equip concerned citizens with the tools necessary to bring about change, from how to run for office, to how to be effectively engaged as an activist online, to even how to work precincts and build muscular grassroots. We know we need to reduce the impact of government on our lives to make America stronger, and there’s no better day than Constitution Day to bring thousands of Americans together to learn how they can ensure we continue to live in a free society.

American Majority’s Training Bomb on September 17th will not only be the biggest one-day training of conservative activists ever, but American Majority is going to be introducing new lectures, new Effectivism manual, and new projects. Help us make the day a success by signing up and spreading the word. Together we can, and will, make the right change happen in this country.



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