I Like Mike (Pence)

From the diaries by Erick

There’s been a lot of chatter about Mike Pence and a potential Presidential bid by him. From National Review to the Washington Examiner, to George Will to others at the Washington Post, even to Erick’s post here on RedState, people are wondering will he or won’t he. Supposedly he’s making his decision this weekend about whether he will run for President or Governor of Indiana.


I think he should run. While not denigrating the other potential GOP candidates for President in 2012, ask yourself: do any of them really excite you? That should clear out half the field right there, if not three fourths. Then ask yourself who has held true to his or her principles under fire, time and time again? I’m not saying standing up and proclaiming this or that: words mean nothing to me. It’s what you actually do, and Mike Pence’s voting record has shown from No Child Left Behind to Medicare Part D to TARP to the stimulus bill, even taking a stand against the recent tax compromise, he has talked and walked the walk.

Then ask who you think has the ability to excite the base and not alienate independents? Keep asking yourself questions along these lines, and throw in the fact that Mike Pence is a very good communicator of the ideas we hold dear, and you start to realize a Mike Pence for President bid could really take off.

People have said he’s not that well known; I’ve done informal surveys with tea party leaders from across the country. They know him and they are fans. People have said raising money will be a problem. Conversations with donors have not shown that, and if he is embraced by the base, as I think he will be, raising money online from small donors will be there.


People have pointed to his lack of executive experience. I don’t buy that. Obama clearly didn’t need it (you can make the strong argument that it’s clear Obama could have used it), but that can be managed by surrounding himself with the right team.

I look at Mike as being able to unite the right: the fiscals, the socials and the national defense conservatives. And I believe he can win in 2012. If you think the same, go join this page: http://www.facebook.com/ConservativeChampion. Click the “Like” button and sign the petition, and let’s give Mike a big nudge in the right direction.

And one last thing: Mike Pence, you’ll no doubt read this today. If you want to be President, I want you to be President. Go all in, or don’t get in. But if you go all in, we’ll go all in with you.


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