Shame On Brian Sims

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RedState’s Alex Parker has recently been covering the fanatical pro-abortion antics of Pennsylvania State Rep. Brian Sims (D). Apparently, he has developed some kind of obsession with stalking Planned Parenthood clinics to scream at peaceful pro-lifers.


Sims first posted a video of himself verbally abusing an elderly pro-life woman. He contemptuously calls her “an old white lady,” repeatedly yells “shame on you,” and follows her around threatening to harass her at home.

Next, he showed up at another clinic and harangued three pro-life teenage girls, offering a $100 bounty to any viewer who would expose their identities. He then turns to a young man and howls “shame” yet again.

Pro-lifers are called to be bold voices for the voiceless, and we must always stand up for them without apology. How should we respond to these militant abortion activists who pathetically attempt to shame us?

This is how.

Shame for supporting heinous barbarity that tears innocent children to pieces.

Shame for advocating merciless savagery that shatters the bones and crushes the skulls of babies.

Shame for promoting the ghastly cold-blooded poisoning of the helpless.

Shame for praising those who butcher and trash the most vulnerable among us.

Shame for endorsing a diabolical killing industry that leaves women depressed and traumatized.


Shame for doing nothing to help those women.

Shame for denying the science of personhood.

Shame for defending the organization of Margaret Sanger, who despised charity, spoke to the Ku Klux Klan, associated with Nazis and who said the disabled “should have never been born at all.”

Shame for ignoring over 19,000,000 murdered African-American babies.

Shame for the misogynistic and sexist bullying of elderly ladies, and for endangering teenage girls.

This “representative” in particular has flagrantly abused the public trust and should be expelled immediately from the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.


May God save this nation.


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