Voters Were Asked to Grade Trump on His Handling of Certain Issues, Here's How He Scored

Voters in a new survey were asked to grade President Trump on how he has handled terrorism, healthcare reform, and his promise to “drain the swamp” thus far.


Here’s how he was graded:


  • A – 27%
  • B – 22%
  • C – 15%
  • D – 11%
  • F – 18%
  • No Opinion – 8%

Nearly half of those surveyed believe Trump is doing a very good job of handling terrorism.

In the last three weeks alone, president Trump has carried out two major foreign policy strikes.

First, Trump made the crucial decision to order missile strikes against the Assad regime in Syria after it was revealed that Assad used chemical weapons on his own people.

Second, he authorized the military to use the “Mother Of All Bombs” (MOAB) on ISIS in Afghanistan on Thursday that killed upwards of 100 ISIS fighters and destroyed underground tunnels.


  • A – 9%
  • B – 16%
  • C – 19%
  • D – 15%
  • F – 32%
  • No Opinion – 8%

In February, Republicans failed to repeal Obamacare and offer a replacement bill that was supported by all Republicans.

Republicans, including Trump, have talked about repealing and replacing Obamacare since 2010, and when the time came to do just that, they failed spectacularly. That isn’t sitting well with voters.

Only 9 percent of voters think Trump has done a great job with healthcare reform. What’s more, nearly half in the poll graded Trump with the lowest marks on how he has handled healthcare policy so far.

Repealing Obamacare with a much better replacement will be key for Republicans to remain in power going forward. Voters are tired of empty promises.


Draining the swamp: 

  • A – 10%
  • B – 14%
  • C – 15%
  • D – 10%
  • F – 27%
  • No Opinion – 24%

Another one of Trump’s biggest campaign promises was to “drain the swamp” of establishment politicians. This was one of the major reasons voters propelled Trump into the White House, and voters aren’t happy at all with how Trump has handled it so far.

Nearly a fourth of voters don’t have an opinion on it, which isn’t good for Trump. The choice is binary: you either fire or hire establishment foes. There is nothing in between, and Trump hasn’t convinced enough people he is clearing the way for new talent in government.

Also important to make note of 27 percent gave Trump the lowest possible grade. That is terrible.

The survey overall does shed some positive light for Trump going forward. More than three-quarters of Republicans say they believe Trump will improve over time. 53 percent of Democrats believe Trump will gradually get worse.

Trump received an approval rating of 48 percent and a disapproval rating of 45 percent.

The poll was conducted from April 13 to 15 with 1,992 registered voters. The margin of error is 2 percent.


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