Alex Jones Responds to Claims That He's an Actor

Alex Jones, the founder of InfoWars, is currently battling his soon-to-be ex-wife’s charge that he’s an unfit father because of his on-air rants and outbursts.

His ex-wife’s lawyers are claiming that he is an unstable parent, and they have years of tape to prove that he’s unfit.


Whether we point to Jones calling Sandy Hook a conspiracy theory, how he pushed “PizzaGate” to his base, or that he challenged Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff to cage fight last week — Jones has a long history of being highly provocative.

Jones’ defense to these claims is that he is simply “playing a character.”

He’s a “performance artist,” argued attorney Randall Wilhite, and judging his stability based on that performance “would be like judging Jack Nicholson based on his portrayal of the Joker in Batman.”

Jones addressed all of this during his show on Wednesday. He used a ton of wild examples to argue that just because he goes “full-fledged into something,” that doesn’t mean that he is actually endorsing it.

“They think you’re completely stupid and completely mentally ill,” Jones said. “If I put a top hat on and play the part of the head of Goldman Sachs saying ‘I’m screwing you over’ … I’m illustrating how George Soros and other people think of you. I don’t literally believe that.”


Jones ended his monologue Wednesday telling his listeners to visit the InfoWars website, adding: “…they’re so scared of that site. Because it’s telling the truth and it’s breaking the conditioning, it’s breaking the trance. ”

The importance of this is that Jones has made a fortune being highly provocative. Is it all an act for attention or is he really just overly boisterous? Going forward it could have a huge impact on his following and his base.

Here’s the full video. Jones begins to address the “actor” claims around the 3:05 mark on the video.


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