Trump Wrote a Letter to an American Soldier During the Easter Egg Roll, Here's What it Said

The President of the United States participates in many traditions at the White House, one being the Easter Egg Roll that took place on Monday.

The event opens the White House lawn to thousands so that they can bring their families and children to enjoy the festivities and activities that take place. It’s a great family atmosphere for everyone to enjoy the day.


The president normally gives a brief speech and strolls around to visit with all of the kids and partake in some of the activities, as well.

President Trump did not break from tradition today where he completed many of these activities. However, the Trump family did partake in one serious activity today.

Trump sat down at a table full of kids drawing and coloring on paper that was decorated with Easter designs that would be sent to American soldiers currently on active duty.

The president spoke about the activity in his opening remarks:

“We’re going to do cards for soldiers in a little bit, Melania and Barron and myself. We’re going downstairs, we’re going to sign some cards to our great troops — they’re cards for troops — and we look forward to that.”

Trump took a seat at the table where all of the kids were writing their own personal letters to our soldiers. He sat down, picked up a marker, and wrote his own personal note.

The photo was initially hard to read from the live feed, but a captured screenshot shows what the handwritten note said:



“Dear Brave Soldier,

Thank you for your service. Great Job!

Donald Trump”

The note also included the bunny rabbit and flowers that were on the paper.

Trump’s note comes just weeks after he authorized the military to use the “Mother Of All Bombs” on ISIS and ordered tomahawk missile strikes against the Assad regime in Syria after it was revealed that he used chemical weapons on his own people.

These personal notes are very meaningful in that many active duty soldiers are not able to be home with their families on Easter, and receiving personal letters from home — including one from the president — serves as an important reminder that we all appreciate their sacrifices.


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