Fake News: Leftists Argue 'MOAB' Cost $314 Million, Which Is off By a Lot

President Trump authorized the military to use the “Mother Of All Bombs” (MOAB) on ISIS in Afghanistan on Thursday that killed 36 ISIS fighters and destroyed underground tunnels.


The media was never concerned when former president Obama wasted billions of dollars throughout the Middle East, but now they are slamming Trump for using such expensive strategies.

Several mainstream outlets, along with many people, are propagating the claim that the MOAB costs $314 million, but that number is not even close.

As reported by Business Insider:

One MOAB costs about $16 million, and 20 have been produced, according to the military equipment site Deagel.com. Many celebrities and other Trump critics used Twitter to express their frustration at the administration authorizing the use of such an expensive bomb, but they cited the total cost instead.

Here’s some of the outrage:


Trump has received widespread approval for the decision to use the largest non-nuclear bomb in our arsenal against ISIS in that it sends a bold message to many aggressive actors trying to tempt the United States.

We all certainly hope this was just a “warning shot” and not something that will drag the U.S. into another costly ground war in the Middle East, but it is important that when others push false information that they are held accountable just as Trump is for his flubs.


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