Piers Morgan Blasts Mainstream Media for Not Covering Terrorist Attack in Egypt Against Christians

Piers Morgan appeared on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Monday to discuss the bombing of Coptic Christians in Egypt by ISIS, adding that the mainstream media has failed to adequately cover the atrocities like they do many other nonsensical things.


“I think unfortunately if it happens in the Middle East,” Morgan said, “this kind of atrocity, it just does not seem to attract the kind of media attention in America that it would if it happened, as we’ve seen in the attacks in Sweden, the last few days, in London, two weeks ago, I was there for that. Huge attention in the American media. You know, in Paris, in Nice, these get huge attention.”

“And yet what happened in Egypt was unbelievably significant,” Morgan continued.

“You know if you look at what ISIS really stands for, what they are carrying out in the Middle East, and in Egypt in particular, is a kind of genocidal attack on Christians and Christianity. They want Christianity eradicated, and they want to convert all Muslims to their crusade, they want it to be a Holy War, and they want Christians gone.”

“And I don’t think that narrative is getting the attention it should get in the American media,” he concluded, “and I have to say in other media around the world.”

Carlson, also blasting the mainstream media for their lack of coverage surrounding this atrocity, asked Morgan to explain why it appears to be offensive to discuss the attacks against Christians in the Middle East.

“Right, I mean ISIS couldn’t be more transparent,” Morgan said.

“On the attack in St. Petersburg last week, they made it absolutely clear that this is a war against the cross. They said that. That is what the statement said. They are at war in their heads, with Christianity. Not just with Christianity, they are at war with all other religions as well.”


“But they have been singling out, in increasingly virulent terms, their real war now is against Christians and the cross,” he added.

“Now I think this is a huge story,” Morgan concluded. “This is the kind of story that ought to be dominating cable news, in America. It should be dominating headlines around the world. The press in America should be full of headlines about this.”

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the deadly terrorist attack in Egypt on Palm Sunday that left almost 50 dead, which is indicative of the genocidal assault they have waged against Christians in the Middle East.

“ISIS wants Christians to be eradicated. ISIS has declared “war on the cross,” Morgan said.

Piers Morgan is 100 percent accurate when he says ISIS has waged a war against Christians and that the mainstream media fails to adequately cover it.


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