Who Did Trump Replace Steve Bannon With on the National Security Council?

President Trump removed chief strategist Stephen Bannon from the National Security Council on Wednesday, which is a something he definitely deserves credit for doing.

Bannon, a man that has absolutely zero foreign policy experience, should never have been allowed to sit on the council in charge of our national security decisions.

The move will allow more qualified intelligence and defense officials to make national security decisions as opposed to someone that ran Breitbart just a year ago.

“The realignment increases the influence of National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster, whose public stances were sometimes at odds with those of Bannon. In addition to gaining greater control over the NSC, McMaster will have the Homeland Security Council under his authority,” Bloomberg reported.

So who will take Bannon’s seat? 

Former Texas Governor and presidential candidate Rick Perry is reportedly being added to a core group within the National Security Council.

Perry, the newly appointed Secretary of Energy, was one of several officials added to the principals committee to help make crucial decisions on protecting the homeland.

A memo made public on the federal register Wednesday added insight into why Perry was chosen to replace Bannon on the council.

“Adding Perry to the NSC’s principals committee now brings the cabinet official in charge of the nation’s nuclear stockpile into the fold. The lion’s share of the Energy Department’s budget goes toward the National Nuclear Security Administration, which deals with the military application of nuclear science.”

The Texas firebrand served three terms as the governor of Texas, and would more than likely have won a fourth term had he not run for president.

Perry is a much more qualified candidate to serve on the NSC than Bannon given that he has decades of experience in government handling a multitude of national security issues.

President Trump was scolded for adding Bannon to the council, but he made a very wise decision to replace Bannon with Perry on Wednesday.

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