Scarborough: 'President Trump, You Will Be Loved If You Fire Bannon' (VIDEO)

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough took aim at White House chief strategist Steve Bannon Tuesday morning, offering President Donald Trump a piece of advice on how he can save his presidency.


“President Trump, you should fire Steve Bannon,” Scarborough said.

This week, Scarborough has been on a mission to call out Bannon — a populist firebrand and a top aide to the president.

Scarborough began his charge by pointing out that Bannon is reportedly an avowed Leninist — meaning one who wants to “destroy the state.”

Scarborough then highlighted recent polls that show President Trump’s approval at 36 percent can be attributed to Bannon’s role as chief strategist. Trump has steadily remained around that number, he argued, “because he has simply refused to listen to everybody that has told him you need to reach out and be more inclusive.”

On top of discussing Trump’s historically low approvals, Scarborough also asserted that Bannon was responsible for Trump overestimating his support with voters.

Scarborough said: “Our favorite player of the week, Steve Bannon. [Using a Steve Bannon voice] ‘Oh, they’re going to want me to be Vladimir Lenin and tear down the government because 65 percent of Americans are against us.’ I mean, what idiots.”


“If he wants to get his 36 [percent approval rating] to 56,” Scarborough continued, adding, “he’s gonna have to fire Steve Bannon and anybody else who calls themselves a Leninist who wants to destroy the American republic and government and start working with Republicans and Democrats and doing what 78 percent of Americans told NBC News a week ago. They want their leaders to compromise and work with the other side and make Washington work again.”



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