Gingrich Explains How House Freedom Caucus Actually Saved Trump, Republicans

On Fox Business with Neil Cavuto Monday evening, Newt Gingrich was asked about who deserves the most blame for the Republicans failed health care bill.

Gingrich responded by strongly supporting the House Freedom Caucus, adding that they saved House Republicans from a “politically destructive vote” when they refused to support the House Republican health care bill that only had a 17 percent approval rating among voters.

Gingrich said: “Not voting on Friday was really good. The Democrats lost their majority for the first time in 40 years after they tried to push through Hillarycare. The Democrats lost the majority again in 2010 after they pushed through Obamacare. If we had all the House Republicans line up and vote yes on a bill that was at 17 percent approval — that means four out of five Americans were not approving —  I will guarantee you the Democrats would have had a field day.”

“So I think the Freedom Caucus whether they intended to or not may have saved House Republicans from a vote that would have been potentially very destructive,” Gingrich continued.

“Now everybody ought to just get over it. Look at the future. Let’s learn the lessons and recognize it took Reagan eight months to pass a tax cut. It took us 18 months to pass welfare reform. It took Pelosi and Obama eight months to pass Obamacare. We’re not in a rush here. We don’t have to get everything done by Easter.”

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