Mike Haridopolos: Another Corrupt Overly Coiffed Politician Running For The U.S. Senate

From the diaries by Erick

Question: What do you call a man who is in his just beginning his tenure as the President of the Florida State Senate at a time where the State is facing dire economic times and is already making plans to run for the U.S. Senate when he is term limited out in 2012?



Question: What do you call a College Professor (who also was also an Elected member of the State Legislature) who got 152 grand of Taxpayer’s money  to write a 175 double-spaced book on “politics” in Florida that, until the scandal broke, had only one copy published?

Answer: A rip-off artist and lousy guardian of the Public Treasury. If a regular person had done such a deed, he would have gone to jail.  This act alone should disqualify Haridopolis from the Senate and a CRIMINAL INQUIRY needs to be set in motion over this. PERIOD.  Enough is Enough.

Question: When said above Politician gets caught RIPPING OFF the taxpayer and then, in a desperate effort to prove he really wrote a book worthy of the 152 grand, now has it for sale for 9.99 on Amazon Kindle, what does that tell you about his attitude towards voters in Florida?

Answer: He thinks we are fools who will buy into this crap. Anybody can publish a book on Kindle. For example, here are some books currently outselling Haridopolos’s “Book”.

1) The New Maid by Carly Douglas

2) Office Mating by Esmeralda Greene

3) Midnight Craving by Zoe M. Bates


4) Massage Parlour Novice also by Carly Douglas

and finally, that international bestseller and possible required reading at Northwestern University: Quickie: with the Busty Babysitter! by Lillian Snow.

Mike Haridopolis is a creature of the inbred Tallahassee Republican Machine.  He represents the “The Getting Elected Trumps Principle” school of politics. For example, He was for High Speed rail before he was against it. (BTW Kudo’s to Governor Scott….So far He walks the talk)

This is the type of guy, who, if he makes it to the U.S. Senate will immediately embrace the inbred political Culture of Washington in order to advance his own political career in the Senate, while, at the same time (like a lot of Senators) start having delusions of grandeur and  think of winning the White House.  Remember…all he has really ever accomplished is run for the next highest political office.

We cannot afford to keep electing these creatures to run  OUR Government.  The stakes now are WAY too high.

Finally, there needs to be a law enacted that states that no Male should be allowed to run for the U.S Senate that has his hair “Styled” vice cut.  I suggest that all potential male candidates For the Florida U.S. Senate be required to go enter into a MEN’S barbershop, get a #3 or #4 buzz cut (I’m a #1 and #2 cut man myself, but I’m hardcore),  give the barber a five dollar tip and then walk out the barbershop, all under 5 minutes.  Make it a Pay-Per-View special with proceeds going towards our wounded warriors, you know, the people who shave their heads and put it ALL ON THE LINE for their Country. Such a rule would have meant John Edwards would have never made it to the Senate and therefore be taken for a LEGITIMATE candidate for President.


This Rule should not can never apply to Women, because they get to do their hair anyway they want and their Husbands have to pay for it, because Women were the ones who get pregnant and endure chidbirth.  This is the “You don’t know what I went through to have our Children Argument” and can be used in any marital argument because there is no counter-argument except for getting kicked in the balls and the wives say that doesn’t count.  (I don’t make the rules folks, I just report themAs I tell my Son: There is nothing that says life has to be fair)

My advice to Senator Haridopolos is to

a) Quit running for U.S. Senate and concentrate on the job you are getting paid for by the People of Florida.

b) Once your term is up, Go into the private sector and see how the real world lives (My God, the man only knows academia or elected politics)  and

c) If you are going to write a tome for academia, for pete’s sake put some effort into it.  You latest example doesn’t even meet the standards of a paper written by a Freshman on a Florida State Football Full Athletic Scholarship who got his Girlfriend to write it for him the night before it was due.

My advice to Florida Republicans:  Do not elect this man.  His book deal stinks, all he has done in his life is run for the next highest political office and he spends way too much time on combing his hair.  Let’s face it: He belongs in the “Charlie Crist and John Edwards Hair Club For Men” school of politics.



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