BREAKING: Gov. Mike Pence rumored to Make his Endorsement Today on Greg Garrison show.

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According to Jonah Goldberg, Governor Mike Pence (R) of Indiana will appear on the Greg Garrison show this afternoon (12:06 PM) to make a “significant announcement.”  Is this an endorsement? We don’t know, but it looks that way. After all, it’s fair to say that an endorsement would be significant, since Mike Pence is the governor of Indiana and there’s an absolutely critical primary cooking off next week (please vote for Ted Cruz in that primary, by the way). In fact, I’m not sure if anything else would really qualify as ‘significant,’ right now.   So, like Jonah, I’m hopeful here that it is, indeed, an endorsement. Pence is overdue to make one.


And, indeed, there are reports that an endorsement is coming.

As to how we can be sure that Gov. Pence would be endorsing Ted Cruz? Well, let me put it this way.  Greg Garrison is fairly well-known for successfully prosecuting Mike Tyson for rape. Given that Tyson has gone on to endorse Donald Trump – an endorsement which Trump bragged about*, much to the outraged horror of Greg Garrison – if Pence is endorsing, then he’s either endorsing Ted Cruz, or else Pence is about to gut-shoot his own re-election effort live, and on the air.  Either, honestly, would make it worth your time to listen.

I believe that you will be able to listen to this here.


Moe Lane

*Seriously, this got ignored by the networks?  SERIOUSLY?



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