Why the New York legislature might be about to flip to Democratic control.


So, there was a special election last night in Long Island: it’s the state Senate seat that former Republican Senate leader Dean Skelos held before he got hit with corruption charges. The seat was hotly contested, obviously enough, because if that seat flips, maybe so does the New York state Senate.  Well, at the moment… Democrat Todd Kaminsky leads Republican Christopher McGrath by about eight hundred votes.  Gee. A Democrat just ahead of a Republican in a Democratic-run state where the race might have an immediate impact on whether the Democrats will have full control of the state. I wonder how that recount’s going to go?


And not to be annoying about this, but: it would have been nice if we had kept that seat. Turnout on Long Island was mildly lopsided on the Democratic side generally*, but not enough that a committed New York Republican party organization should have found it insurmountable.  …And I am very politely not using the phrase ‘had all the coat-tails of a naked man at a moth convention’ right now, although I’m not exactly sure why. A lingering reluctance to just give up and start bouncing spoons off of people’s heads, I suppose.

Moe Lane

*But not as badly as it was statewide. Let me put it this way: statewide, Bernie Sanders got more votes than Donald Trump did. New York still has a decent amount of relevance to the Republican party right now, because of those delegates – and the rules are the rules. But New York will have no relevance to the Republican party in the general Presidential election, and there’s no real reason to pretend otherwise.



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