Ted Cruz's, John Kasich's, and Donald Trump's post-Tuesday schedules.


Because, let’s face it: tonight’s New York results on the GOP side are baked into the cake. The possibility of Donald Trump not winning the NY primary are so low that if it somehow does happen the guy might as well just quit now. But let’s be realistic: Trump’s gonna win that primary. Probably get above 50%, at least statewide. Might sweep, although I wouldn’t bet money on either outcome.


So let’s get on with what goes on afterwards. The candidates’ immediate schedules:

  • Ted Cruz: It looks like Ted Cruz is splitting attention, kind of: he’s starting up in Philadelphia tomorrow and campaigning in Pennsylvania throughout Thursday with Carly Fiorina. Meanwhile, Heidi Cruz will be stumping in New Jersey and Indiana for the rest of the week. Phone banks and meet-and-greets for Heidi, who is proving to be quite helpful for the Cruz campaign.
  • John Kasich: Town halls in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Rhode Island for the rest of the week. As in, one each. Also, Kasich has a town hall today… in Maryland.
  • Donald Trump: Will wonders never cease? Trump is actually going to go campaign the day after a big race (and his anticipated big primary victory party tonight in, naturally, Trump Tower). He’s got events tomorrow in Indiana and Maryland. No rest for the wicked anymore, it seems.

All in all… you can pretty much ignore any hysterical arguments tonight about candidates getting out of the race – mostly because the candidates themselves will be doing so. Ted Cruz has probably gotten everything out of New York he was expecting to get and thus has already moved on down the campaign trail. John Kasich’s campaign is continuing on its policy of ghosting through the remaining primaries. And Donald Trump, no matter what he says tonight, knows perfectly well that tomorrow morning he has to fly to the Midwest and start the whole grind up again. Because there are six more weeks of this.


Moe Lane


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