Jimmy Fallon drives Ted Cruz to drink.


It happened at about 3:54 of this pretty funny Jimmy Fallon/Ted Cruz phone call skit (Fallon is playing Trump; Cruz is playing, well, Cruz).

“Hold on: let me get my pen.” :reaches for liquor bottle: – All the transcript that you’re going to need.


A few things about this clip:

  • Yes, actually, when you’re in New York City: please walk fast. Honestly and truly, nobody there likes a slow walker. It was a totally legitimate problem when I was working there.
  • Ted Cruz comes off as a good sport in the whole thing, which is probably best for him.  I thought that the reaching for the bottle of booze was his best bit in the skit; God knows that the rest of us feel the same way about this primary, sometimes. I encourage Ted to do as many of these kind of gigs as possible*, not that he actually needs my advice.
  • Finally… that ‘tiny hands’ thing really did set its hooks in American pop culture, huh? That, and Trump’s compulsive reaction to it.  Which was obviously the idea all along, but I don’t think that many of us expected it to stay under the guy’s skin permanently.

Moe Lane

*Nah, seriously: you gotta engage the culture. Because if you don’t, then it engages you. Often harshly. This is one of those unfortunate truths thing.


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