The candidates' weekend schedules.


Interesting to see who is paying attention to what right now.

  • Ted Cruz: no campaign stops scheduled today or tomorrow, largely because he’s attending the Republican Jewish Coalition this weekend in Las Vegas (the other candidates decided to skip it). [UPDATE: And the Colorado convention today! Sorry, forgot about that one and had to be reminded by the comments section.  Thankee sai, Constant Reader gopcongress.]  Monday Cruz campaigns in California, while his wife Heidi campaigns in New York. I expect that we’re going to see a lot more of Heidi Cruz on the campaign trail, now.
  • John Kasich: Kasich is going to be living in New York for the rest of the week.  Town hall today, town halls on Monday, a town hall on Friday, no doubt others to be penciled in, in between.  No indication that he’s branching out anywhere else, which does make sense.
  • Donald Trump: Rallies in New York tomorrow, and Monday.  Not much to add to that, really. I’m assuming that he’s going for big venues.

I think that these schedules show the campaign strategies in general for New York. Cruz has split his attention between California and New York because he can; Heidi Cruz is a good surrogate for him there, and that frees him up a bit. Kasich has nowhere else to go right now, and he’s doing as much campaigning as his likely financial circumstances will let him. Trump is trying to project inevitability by having big rallies. All of this sounds… reasonable. I mean, I have my own opinions on which strategy is the best one, but nobody’s making any obvious mistakes here.

Except for not being in Vegas this weekend.  There’s a perfectly good excuse to be in Nevada this weekend: they’re still going through the delegate selection process for the state convention. Now is an excellent time for a candidate to press the flesh and plan certain deeds to be done during the final delegate election…


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