Bernie Sanders 'wins' Wyoming.


‘Win’ is in scare quotes because Bernie Sanders managed to come in either second, or tie, despite winning Wyoming with 56% of the vote.  Why?  Well,  partially the way that the delegates are allocated and partially because of super-delegates. 18 delegates, 14 of which are picked proportionately (15% threshold). It turns out that when you round 8 delegates (Congressional District), 4 delegates (National delegates) and 2 delegates (Party Leaders and Officials)  to the nearest number you get a 7-7 split. That’s the tie. And, of course, Hillary Clinton had already picked up the 4 super-delegates. That’s Sanders coming in second.


So if you’re a Democrat wondering why it is that Sanders keeps winning states and keeps falling behind, don’t worry.  Everything is going according to plan.  Well.  Somebody’s plan.

Moe Lane

PS: Also, can we be honest? Hillary Clinton has a clear majority in the Democratic popular vote at this point.  Note: ‘majority.’  Not a plurality; a simple, straightforward 56% of the Democratic popular vote to date.  This isn’t the Republican primary, where the front-runner is trying to coast on a 37% share of the electorate while the rest of it no-longer-cordially hates his guts. Much as I’d love to have Bernie Sanders be the Democratic nominee, he should probably convince more of his party that this should happen, yes?


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