Surprising results in Left Coast Democratic caucuses!


Bernie Sanders is actually still racking up the wins in state caucuses: he’s already projected to win in Washington State (118 delegates) and Alaska (20 delegates). Hawaii (35 delegates) won’t close its polls for another couple of hours. As usual, AosHQDD is tracking the totals.


Of course, the totals up there are kind of fake: I’ve included super-delegates in each total. The actual delegates up for grabs are 101 in Washington State, 25 in Hawaii, and 16 in Alaska: the rest are super-delegates, and Hillary Clinton’s been busy sewing those up. Sanders is 750 or so delegates behind Clinton right now largely because of super-delegates: in terms of hard delegates he’s only about 303 behind, and by the end of the day, he might be below 200 (assuming that the current absurdly lopsided margin in Washington State holds, which it will probably not). He’ll certainly take a bite of Clinton’s current lead, not that it matters in the slightest.

If this all sounds a bit like the 2008 election cycle, well, it is, kind of.  Clinton might still not need her super-delegates to push her over the top – but then, she just might.  Certainly her election team has been locking down potential super-delegates for a while now, because if there’s one thing Hillary Clinton will never, ever forget , it’s the 2008 election cycle.  At this point, it’s probably burned onto her retinas when she closes her eyes…


[UPDATE] Bernie Sanders also won in Hawaii, giving him a clean sweep on the day. Race called at 3:58am.


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