The current campaign schedule for Ted Cruz, John Kasich, and Donald Trump.


Keep in mind that the next primary election is in Wisconsin, on April 5th. Wisconsin is a Winner Take All state both statewide, and by Congressional District: there are 42 delegates at stake, and the primary is open. The latest poll shows Cruz up by a point; this should be a hotly-fought over state, honestly.  Moving onto the candidates:

  • Ted Cruz: has an event today in Janesville. There will also be organized neighborhood stumping on Saturday in both Brown County and Madison.  No events tomorrow (Good Friday) or Sunday (Easter Sunday).
  • John Kasich: a Lincoln dinner with the Milwaukee County GOP. On April 1st.  …Watch me manfully avoid commenting on that.
  • Donald Trump: A rally at Janesville on Tuesday.  There’s no indication that there’s going to be any kind of campaign events involving him until then.

…Look, I don’t really expect at this point that Donald Trump would be stumping, although I’m hardly unhappy that he’s not. But does John Kasich actually want to get any delegates out of Wisconsin? Because Kasich should probably decide to show up at the state at some point. Assuming, of course, that he has the money to do so. Certainly Ted Cruz does – not to mention, Cruz is the only one showing any kind of hustle right now…

Moe Lane


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