John Boehner's surprise Presidential endorsement.

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boehner crying

Former Speaker of the House John Boehner has endorsed Ohio Governor John Kasich: and yes, this was a surprise.  Boehner has been almost gleefully out of the political loop before he resigned, tossed the keys to Paul Ryan*, and went to really go work on his lawn.  I was personally under the impression that John Boehner was pretty much done with all of this stuff, but apparently not just quite yet.


Longer term: it at least suggests that, yeah, John Kasich is going to win Ohio this Tuesday.  John Boehner’s from there, of course; and while any number of Ohio Republicans or conservatives might fiercely insist that Boehner is unpopular the truth of it is that the man never got below 60% of the vote in his district.  Endorsements have been a mug’s game this election cycle, just like everything else – but Kasich wanted this particular endorsement, and he got it.

This would possibly bother me, except that the Republic kind of needs John Kasich to keep Ohio’s delegates out of Trump’s small-fingered hands.  So, under the circumstances, I can only say… well. Every little bit helps.

Moe Lane

*Which then hit Ryan in the head, given that Ryan couldn’t catch them: he was too busy struggling against the remorseless captors who were busy dragging him to the Speaker’s podium.


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