Neil deGrasse Tyson, Trump supporter.


In some ways, this tweet of support – “People who are anti-Trump are actually anti-Trump supporters — they oppose free citizens voting for the @realDonaldTrump” – is starkly incomprehensible.  I mean, the guy is saying that if you’re against Trump, you’re actively working against democracy itself… which would presumably indict roughly 70% of the population of the country these days, including a whole bunch of liberals who routinely revere everything that Neil deGrasse Tyson says.  And yet… it’s not really surprising, is it?  I mean, Tyson is exactly the sort of fuzzy-headed celebrity that gravitates to Donald Trump like an addled moth gravitates towards the fire. Tyson’s famous for being famous, and he doesn’t think very clearly, and he loves the camera.  Perfect Trump material, in other words.  Absolutely perfect.


And no, I didn’t make it up.



Yeah, that’s going to get a lot of retweets before it’s done.  Many with malice aforethought; I myself can personally think of about ten or twelve people who would throw up a little in their mouths if/when they see this tweet, and it’d be a shame to not give them the pleasure of that experience.  Also, and one last thing: he’s not “the” realDonaldTrump, Tyson. He’s a realDonaldTrump.  We will have no kings or lords here.


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